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In just 6 days, we have increased our percentage of members voting from1.14% to 2.4%. We are now the top branch in the East Midlands! There is more to do however. If you have not yet voted, go to:

Voting is open only until 1st November 2021

Please vote for your favourite beers in the CAMRA Champion Beer of Britain competition.

So far, only 21 of our branch members have voted (2.4% of branch membership).

The Champion Beer of Britain is one of the most prestigious beer competitions in the world. It is the ultimate honour for UK brewers and has helped put many into the national spotlight. It is awarded every year at the trade session of the Great British Beer Festival (GBBF).

The competition starts with individual nominations from CAMRA members and tasting panel nominations, then area competitions.

At the GBBF, the Champion Beer of Britain judging spans real ales across the categories for Milds, Session Bitters, Premium Bitters, IPAs, Session Pale/Blond/Golden Ales and Premium Pale/Blond/Golden Ales. These are combined with the Champion Winter Beer of Britain category winners from the Great British Beer Festival Winter (held in February) – Session Stouts/Porters, Strong Stouts/Porters, Brown Ales/Red Ales/Old Ales/Strong Milds, Barley Wines/Strong Ales, Speciality Beers (Differently Produced) and Speciality Beers (Flavoured)– to create a shortlist for the final round of judging.

There is also a competition for the Champion Bottled Beer of Britain with two categories - ABV 4.3% or below and ABV 4.4% or above.

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