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Beer Day Britain (the annual national beer day) will be taking place this year on 15th June 2021.

With pubs, taprooms, clubs and bars re-opening, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and drink beer. CAMRA members have been the most enthusiastic supporters of Beer Day Britain ever since it started in 2015. Its instigator Jane Peyton is again urging CAMRA members to participate on social media, and to encourage your friends to take part in the national ‘Cheers to Beer’.

The focus of the day is the National Cheers To Beer (#CheersToBeer) toast at 7pm, with participants sharing photos of themselves enjoying a pint to accompany their post.

The plan is that beer drinkers around the world will unite and participate too.

Each year on 15th June #CheersToBeer trends on social media, even in 2020 when the lockdown meant pubs were closed and people celebrated by drinking beer at home instead.

In addition to using the #CheersToBeer hashtag in posts, you can also engage by using the Twitter handle @BeerDayBritain or via Facebook on to raise awareness and join in the conversation.

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