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Odd House Beer Festival

Date: 31-10-2020 12:00 to 20:00
Summary: Bosworth Road, Snarestone DE12 7DQ

We are having a mini “beer festival” at our pub the Odd House Bosworth Road in Snarestone 31st October from 12:00 to 20:00. We have 3 local breweries with 6 or 7 local beers.

We know that this is not on the scale that you are used to but we are keen to promote our local brewers. We cannot do this the traditional way but we will comply with Covid rules and social distancing.

The Beers are from the breweries of Golden Duck, Leatherbritches and Elliswood:

Two beers from Leatherbritches;
Hairy helmet golden 4.7
Spitting feathers brown 4.8

One from Elliswood brewery in Hinckley
Royal standard red 4.8%

And three (plus one if needed) from Golden Duck our very local brewery based in our neighbouring village of Appleby Magna.

Tinners tipple light golden 4.1
Extra pale 4.2
Rev green 5.5 IPA

And the tailor-made 5.4 chestnut as a reserve.

We are also having a Meet the Head Brewer (Harry Lunn, Golden Duck Brewery) session between 1 and 3 pm (exact timings to be confirmed) for people to ask questions about the beers/the process etc.

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