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Organ Grinder Summer Beer & Gin Festival

Date: 22 August 2019 to 26 August 2019
Summary: 4 Woodgate, Loughborough

This will be the Organ Grinder's biggest Annual Summer Beer Festival to date, and just in case you're not already excited enough, here's a list of our beer availability for the weekend!

We've been organising this festival from the moment last years finished, and gone to some lengths in planning the ales for our main bar, most of which have been subject to a period of maturing - it's safe to say after leaving some of these beers in our cellar for nearly a year, we're a little excited to open them up.

Main Bar
Blue Monkey Ales
Chimperial Stout, 8.5% - Stout (12 month cask aged)
Infinity and Beyond, 5.6% - IPA (6 month wooden barrel aged)
Simian Summer, 3.6% - Session Pale
Woody Guerrilla, 5.2% - Stout (6 month wooden barrel aged)

Guest Ales
Black Mass, 6.66% - Stout (8 month cask aged) - Abbeydale Brewery
Vanilla Bourbon, 6% - Stout - North Riding Brewery Ltd

Festival Bar

Mosaic Oatmeal , 6.3% - IPA - Northern Alchemy x dAt bAr
Session, 3.9% - Bitter - Silver Street Brewing Co
Ursa Major, 5% - Stout - Out There Brewing Company
Bajan Breakfast, 4% - Oatmeal Pale - Black Iris Brewery
Jack Roller - IPA - Round Corner Brewing
Manchester Bitter, 4.2% - Bitter - Marble Brewery
C-Bomb, 4.7% - Citra Pale - Arbor Ales

Gunmetal, 4.8% - Black Lager - Round Corner Brewing
Hopping Spree, 6.6% - IPA - Round Corner Brewing

Not to mention the 20+ Gins...

Keep an eye on our Facebook over the next few weeks as we release more information about the weekend!

Food at the Beer Festival:










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