Historic change in the law to protect all English pubs

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Today marks a historic win for pub goers, consumers and CAMRA members.

After years of campaigning led by CAMRA’s membership, the Government has today announced a historic change in the law to protect all English pubs in the planning system.

This removes a longstanding loophole that has enabled developers to demolish pubs or convert them to another retail use without applying for planning permission.

This is a huge success which could not have been achieved without you. Together,  we have sent over 8,000 emails to politicians in the last three months alone. The voice of CAMRA members like you was essential in securing this win for pubs.

All pubs in England will now be given the protection they deserve, and owners will always have to apply for planning permission before they can convert or demolish a pub.

Although this change comes too late for the thousands of pubs already lost, it will be crucial to supporting all the great pubs which remain for generations to come.

This is a huge win for pub goers and consumers and helps secure a thriving pubs industry for all to enjoy.

Why not head to the pub this weekend to celebrate?

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